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OEMs and others offer control systems that are hard to get replacement parts for, or eventually, obsolete. In most cases, like with the MP-3 panels, Wise Air can continue to support your needs and you don't have to upgrade to a new control system just because of a faulty motherboard component.  However, when the time comes and you decide to upgrade, please don't ignore bad past experiences and excuses regarding cost for calibration, repair/replacement, and troubleshooting.

If your machines are still operating with the older Electrical/Pneumatic controls, keep this in mind, most of all compressor failures occur due to faulty control or monitoring components.  Maybe you have heard of “Surge”, the biggest destroyer of centrifugal compressors.  Poor or lack of calibration to the devices associated with the E/P controls has sent thousands of parts to the compressor graveyard. Don't let your machine be the next.

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