from Wise Air, Inc.

Finally, a "Smart" control system!

Now with Inlet Air, Water, and Pressure Ratio Compensation 


Alarm and Trip History for timely troubleshooting
With the COMPCON, troubleshooting is made easy. All functions within the controller are recorded for later retrieval, taking away all the guesswork.

Superior valve control
Finally, a “smart” system that is able to handle any situation that may arise. We rely on several sets of parameters to ensure precise machine operation. From normal everyday operation to erratic system behavior, the COMPCON is the control system for your plant needs.

Electronic Surge Protection
The COMPCON protects the entire machine by monitoring each individual compression stage. This information combined with motor amp monitoring, provides complete protection from surge.

Proven Allen Bradley technology
Top of the line commercial hardware and software provides years of trouble free service for your control system. With family of nation-wide distributors, parts acquisition is no longer a problem.

Customization available for individual needs
You are not locked into a standard package with the Wise Air Inc. COMPCON. Any of your individual needs or unusual applications can be addressed, making the COMPCON the most versatile control system on the market today.



Anyone who is responsible for, or involved in, the everyday operation and maintenance of centrifugal air compressors.

* Compressor Operators exposed to sterile, hard to understand, control information.
* Maintenance Personnel, have to perform expensive compressor rebuilds resulting from "out of control" surge conditions.
* Production Personnel faced with expensive to operate, inefficient, and unreliable machines.
* Plant Managers who are responsible for meeting bottom-line numbers.

Years of experience in the Centrifugal Air Compressor Service Industry, have taught us that controls have to be understandable, trouble free, easy to maintain, easy to operate, and cost effective.

Improved Operating Efficiency and Superior Machine Surge Protection…comes from solid engineering.

COMPCON centrifugal air compressor controls are designed to address and meet all of your demands!

Efficient and Reliable Compressor Control = Energy Savings

By utilizing practical field experience, combined with superior programming, the COMPCON offers trouble-free operation as well as increased energy savings.

User friendly and logically organized compressor information.

The COMPCON user interface allows for simple data acquisition. The color touch-screen is user friendly, for operators and supervisors alike.

Communication capabilities for MMI’s, Data Acquisition, and Remote Monitoring and Control.  The COMPCON easily integrates with existing systems, allowing control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition.


The customer has full access to the program contained within this system. No more need to totally rely on the manufacturer in the event of an emergency. You are not locked out of your own system.


All will benefit from the COMPCON Compressor Control System




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