Compressor Analysis
Empath Motor Testing
Oil Analysis
Vibration Analysis


Managing machine life, monitoring the cost of maintenance in rotating equipment and optimizing the cost associated with these task is what separates Wise Air, Inc. from the rest.  We are not just a supplier of quality parts for your centrifugal compressors.  We continuously thrive to remain the ideal choice for developing and enhancing mechanical and electrical reliability.  Since 1968, our analysts have been used by industrial sites to design, implement and streamline programs which increase machine uptime and performance. This focus on machinery analysis has led to innovations in many of Wise Air, Inc. machinery reliability programs.

Depending on facility size, location, and internal priorities, some companies will be able to dedicate people to the necessary task. However, internal personnel are not always available to staff the programs needed.

At these times, Wise Air, Inc. Machinery Life Management experts and service engineers are available to help you deliver the reliability your operation depends on.



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